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cleared of killing her 2-year-old daughter. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> casey anthony was found not guilty of first degree murder today. she was convicted of only four counts of lying to investigators, looking into the june 2008 disappearance of her young daughter caylee. her body was found in the woods six months later. a medical examiner was never able to determine how she died. jay gray has reaction on the stunning verdict from orlando, florida. >> as to the charge of first degree murder, verdict as to count one, we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty. >> after deliberating over a day and a half, the jury of five men and seven women made its decision just before 2:00 this afternoon. telling the court and the world they did not believe casey anthony killed her daughter caylee. >> verdict as to count two, we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty. as to the charge of aggravated
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manslaughter of a child, verdict as to count three, we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty. >> casey anthony broke down, crying, hugging her attorneys at one point, mouthing the words thank you. prosecutors sat in stunned silence as the defense team celebrated, anthony smiling openly for the first time in front of the jury. >> casey did not murder caylee. it's that simple. and today our system of justice has not dishonored her memory by a false conviction. >> she was found guilty on four lesser counts of providing false information to a law officer, the maximum sentence for those offenses is four years, and she will likely get credit for the three years she's already served is waiting for trial. >> we're disappointed with the verdict today and surprised because we know the facts and we put in absolutely every piece of evidence that existed. >> the decision marks the end of the trial that lasted more than
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six weeks of tragedy that stretched out over three years. caylee first thought to be missing until six months later when her remains were found in this wooded swamp near her grandparents home. for investigators, the grizzly discovery sealed their case against her mom. the evidence all circumstantial and more than 400 items, the testimony from dozens of witnesses, all played out in courtroom 23, leaving an impression on the jury that for the first time was made public this afternoon. casey anthony not guilty in the death of her little girl. >> that was jay gray reporting. stay with news 4 for our continuing coverage of the casey anthony verdict much we'll have more from jay gray and go live outside the courthouse in orlando in less than ten minutes. you can also comment any time on our website, or an facebook and twitter.
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a mother in bristol, virginia is facing felony murder charges in the death of her 2-year-old son. court documents show karen murphy left her son in the family's minivan for more than seven hours last month. it's not the first time she had forgotten her child in the vehicle. murphy left her son unattended in the minivan outside her work back in january. it was for about 20 minutes before somebody spotted the boy. murphy is expected to turn herself in tomorrow when she appears in court. just a few days after pleading guilty in a federal corruption investigation, leslie johnson resigned from the prince georges county council. she handed in her resignation today, but it does not take effect until july 31st, the last day of the session. that does not sit well with a number of people. chris gordon in upper marlboro with more on this. >> prince georges county
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executive baker issued a statement tonight by saying waiting until the end of the month, leslie johnson has delayed the residents of district six time needed to fill the vacancy. leslie johnson said good morning, present. then she left, issuing a statement through her lawyer saying, after careful thought and consideration, i tendered my resignation this morning as a member of the prince georges county council for district six effective july 31, 2011. the last day before august recess. i again apologize for my mistake. reaction came quickly, henry turner was an unsuccessful candidate for county executives last fall. >> her concern should not be about herself at this point, but about citizens of prince georges county, and they want her to resign. >> council didn't like the fact that johnson chose to resign effective july 31st. >> by the statement of the county council calls for the
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immediate resignation of leslie johnson. >> they can't force her to resign immediately, but council took away johnson's staff and restricted funding for use of a county car, county parking, cell phone and grant money. >> i think we should have the special election as quickly as possible, which means the resignation should be as quickly as possible. >> last thursday, she pleaded guilty to charges of witness and evidence tampering, she admitted to conspireing with her husband jack johnson to flush a $100,000 check down the toilet and hiding almost $80,000 in her bra. her conviction isn't official until she's sentenced in october. and last week she indicated she wouldn't resign her council seat until then. today voters in district six reacted to the news that leslie johnson announced her decision to step down as of the end of this month. >> i think it should be effective immediately. if you corrupt the system, you should be punished. >> should it be effective july
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31 or immediately? >> whatever will resolve the situation. >> reporter: no delay is necessary, it's crucial to get a new councilmember transitioned into the office as soon as possible. he says johnson should resign immediately, and he hopes a special election can be held by mid october. that's the latest from upper marlboro in prince georges county, back to you in the studio now. >> chris gordon, thank you. the westbound lanes of i-66 are closed because of an accident involving a truck hauling hay. that accident happened after 1:00 between the exits for route 123 and 50. nobody was injured, but the closure is causing major delays for people. traffic is being rerouted. that's on i-66 between the 123 and route 50 exits. a 22-year-old was arrested after police say she crashed her suv right into an aspen hill home. it happened about midnight overnight, at the intersection
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of parkland drive and aspen hill road. the driver hit two cars before running her ford explorer through a chainlink fence and into the family's dining room. the people inside the house thought they were having a nightmare until they opened their eyes. one woman who lived in the home suffered minor injuries. she has since been released from the hospital. some people in prince georges county believe they have been targeted and profiled by the police. they have complained of unjust treatment. today a new summer campaign was kicked off in an effort to protect the rights of the people, especially in latino neighborhoods. >> langley park residents say they have seen a surge of unwarranted patdowns and car ises, their campaign is called civil rights summer, and they say they want to help people who may be afraid to speak up. >> because my husband didn't
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understand what he was saying, he pulled out a gun and put it to his head. prince georges county resident describes the time a police officer stopped her and her husband for a nonexistent parking violation. she called it racial profiling. there are dozens of stories like anna's. she and others say they're working to fight crime in their neighborhoods, only to become the targets of police. casa de maryland, one of the largest latino organizations in the state, the aclu and others, want the latino community to be aware of its civil rights. their summer campaign patrols largely hispanic neighborhoods. >> a lot of people who are innocent are suffering police abuses. >> we are also launching a program of training, of human rights monitors who will go throughout the neighborhoods in prince georges county, and speak
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to folks and write down and document instances of police abuses. >> casa will also lend its legal team to examine the cases. if it merits more action, it may help file lawsuits. >> cruz garcia said he was punched in the head and roughed up by a different officer for helping somebody. he fears he will be separating from his family by deportation. it's because of these stories casa fights for the rights of the latino community. police need to know more about the specific incidents before comments on casa's complaints. crime numbers are down considerably, especially in the langley park area as a result of its summer policing initiatives. jim, back to you. >> elaine reyes, thanks. senators cut short their 4th of july break in hopes of keeping the country from falling into an unprecedented default on the national debt. lawmakers are back on the hill
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tonight. still no signs of a compromise between republicans and democrats. brian mooar has our report. president obama is summoning congressional leaders back to the white house on thursday to hammer out a deal on the debt crisis before it's too late. >> we've made progress, and i believe that greater progress is within sight but i don't want to fool anybody. we still have to work through some real differences. >> he says he's open to compromise but not what's been called a mini-deal. we need to take on spending in domestic programs, defense programs, entitlement programs, and we need to take on spending in the tax code. >> with time and the nation's credit limit running out, democrats are predicting the economy could unravel if the fight isn't resolved soon? >> defaulting on our debt would risk millions of american jobs. it could halt tax refunds,
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social security checks, medicare payments and even payments for our troops. >> reporter: democrats are just trying to raise taxes and that is a deal breaker. >> our view is that the way you solve a debt crisis is to go on a diet, not a shopping spree. >> it's great political theater in washington, taxpayers may have another take on the back and forth. >> i believe that no one is saying, let's work together. it's my way or the highway. >> the log jam should be broken for the benefit of the people in the country. >> i think they have to pull their big girl panties up and get the job done. >> reporter: a fight down to the wire with uncle sam's credit on the line. the nation hits its debt ceiling on august second. the practical deadline is a couple weeks from now. that's because it will take time to analyze any deal and sell it to skeptical lawmakers. brian mooar, news 4.
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as we reported earlier tonight, casey anthony has been found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee. where is casey anthony? did she go back to jail? >> yeah, she is in custody right now, in jail, in a holding cell, and she will stay in that cell until thursday morning. she will be sentenced thursday morning on the four guilty counts of lying to law enforcement officials during their investigation. the maximum sentence on those counts is one year each, she already has three years served going through this trial. the theory among legal analysts is that when they go to court on thursday morning. the judge will say, you have served your time, you are free to go. which means she could be out and free by thursday afternoon. >> we've seen a lot of casey anthony's parents throughout the duration of this trial, any
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reaction from them today? >> reporter: cindy and george anthony were key components of this trial. they left the courtroom immediately after the verdict was read. they have retired to an area -- no one knows where they are at this point. their attorney says they've is heed death threats, they are worried for their safety and will stay away for a time being to let things cool down. they may never know what happened to little caylee anthony, they feel with the evidence presented, the science presented and the confines of the law as they are, that the jury did its job properly. they did say they were not pleased with the defense their daughter casey chose to take for this trial. a big part of that defense was to blame her father for helping to remove her body. >> a complicated situation there. what about the jurors? no comment from any of them? >> no comment from any of the
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jurors. they were given that opportunity, they chose not to speak with the media. even the five alternates were given a chance to speak. two of those did leave their name and address with the officials at the courthouse to give to the media saying maybe at some point they would be willing to talk. that's just the alternates, so far, none of the jurors have said they want to talk about their decision. >> it's likely we haven't heard the last of this by any stretch. >> no, we haven't. thank you for your reports live from orlando. coming up tonight, dangerous mudslides, water rescues in china, and a situation that's not over yet. it's been two days since a fishing boat capsized in the gulf of california, and there's a new reason to extend the search for american survivors. in northern virginia, a son accused of killing his father, police say they don't know why he did it. ♪ >> check out a group of metro
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riders putting on a unique show. weather out there right now on the hot side. 90 degrees right now. [ male announcer ] we are americans. we know right from wrong. and we know the ads blaming president obama for the economy are politics at its worst. the republicans have opposed economic reforms at every turn.
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awful mudslides and flooding in china. dozens of people were stranded on a bridge that collapsed. collapsed under the force of surging floodwaters. one by one they were taken to safety using a rope line. more rain is in the forecast. local governments are on alert for more flooding. mexican authorities continue to search for americans that are missing in the gulf of california. mexican authorities say there is still hope for survivors because the gulf waters are warm and calm. miguel almageur reports.
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>> reporter: the search for the missing has turned up little by air or sea. no sign of at least seven americans. sunday, 35 people swam ashore or were plucked floating at sea. dehydrated sunburn, exhausted, alive. >> it was like a dream, it was like a movie. >> charles gibson was on the vessel when it capsized during an electrical storm overnight sunday at 2:30 a.m. the ocean and sky were black. panic filled the air. >> the realization came when the ship actually lowered itself into the water, kind of like the titanic movie. >> i just remember the smell of diesel fuel burning my skin. we decided to swim for land and it seems closer than it was. >> like many, gibson swam in shark infested watt irs for 16 hours.
6:20 pm
he clung to a cooler to stay afloat before he reached land. the eric left the pier saturday for a week-long holiday expedition. sunday 60 miles to the south and two miles from shore, the boat was crushed by a series of 40 foot waves. miguel almaguer, nbc news. in court today, a judge ruled that statements from roger clemens' former yankee teammates will not be allowed. those players claim that brian mcnamae gave them injections. clemens trial is set to begin tomorrow. coming up on news 4, somebody is stealing from the faithful at church. and it's happened more than once
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in one area. the space shuttle "atlantis" preparing for
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>> hot out there today. >> it's a little hot. but this is exactly what we expect during the month of july. our average high temperature is sitting at 88 degrees. i think we will be at or above that number for the next couple days. get used to this hot and humid air. we have a lot of sunshine, it looks pretty as you look outside. when you go outside, you need a little bit of a fan, some light clothing or something to keep you on the cool side. a nice bike ride would help. temperatures outside right now, into the 90 degree mark. that's where the high was today. 91 high today. 74 low this morning. high temperature fifth day in a row at 90 degrees or above. storms are going to be on the return during the day tomorrow. so far every day in the month of july, has been at 90 degrees or above. i think we're going to stay on that trend or at least get close. 90 is is the current temperature out there right now. dewpoint at 66. winds out of the south-southeast at 5 miles per hour.
6:25 pm
91 in frederick, 91 in sterling and manassas. live digital doppler radar, there's nothing to show you here, we're not worried about rain throughout the evening tonight. as i mentioned, the rain is going to be on the return over the next couple days. at least the chance of rain will be on the return, all because of a frontal boundary that continues to sit just down to our south. that's what caused a few showers during the afternoon yesterday. that frontal boundary is further down to the south now. i do expect it to meander to the north during the day tomorrow. it will still be warm, humid and we'll see a better chance of showers and thunderstorms out there tomorrow. about a 40% chance. same deal thursday. once again we'll see those chances of showers and thunderstorms during the afternoontime period, get the umbrellas handy. i don't think you'll need those big umbrellas, maybe those purse
6:26 pm
umbrella umbrellas when you're walking downtown. 66 to 74 degrees tomorrow morning. we'll be on the light side, it the be a nice morning to get out there for that morning job. it's going to be a little humid. scattered afternoon thunderstorms, temperatures 88 to 92 degrees, winds out of the southwest at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. if you're thinking of taking the boat out there on the bay or the potomac wednesday, looking good. winds out of the southwest about 5 to 15 miles per hour. water temperature in the bay near 80 degrees, that is balmy for this time of year. 91 on your thursday, 90 on friday. so you can see just a little repeat over the next couple days, wednesday, thursday and friday. saturday looks dry. high temperature of 87 degrees, as we get a little cooler and a little less humid for the weekend. one day around the upper 80s, goes into the 90s next week.
6:27 pm
next week, if everything goes together we could be in the mid to upper 90s. coming up on friday, you know where i'll be, i'll be in somebody's backyard. all you have to do is e-mail us pictures of that yard and let us know why you'd like us to come out there to weather at >> you'll be in prince georges county this week? >> yes. and i hear the people we're going to see can cook up some mean food. more trouble for metro riders, what needs repairs this time. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee.
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now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea. hot or cold, keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose. brew. enjoy.
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keurig. the mother charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee has been found not guilty
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of first degree murder. jurors found casey anthony guilty on several counts of lying to police. she'll be sentenced on thursday. leslie johnson has resigned her seat on prince georges county council effective july 31st. she pleaded guilty in a federal bribery and extortion case. other members of council called on johnson to step down immediately. senators are back on the hill to work out an agreement on the debt ceiling tonight. republicans and democrats still are not agreeing about raising taxes. the deadline to work out a debt limit deal is august 2nd. a fairfax county man is facing murder charges in connection to his father's death. >> they found the victim stabbed to death in his home in great falls after somebody reported a break-in. investigators quickly ruled it a homicide. >> it's very quiet, very family orient oriented.
6:32 pm
no. it's a shame. shocking. >> people who live in this neighborhood react to the news of a domestic murder. casey emmer was home alone with his wheelchair bound father on the 4th of july. the 25-year-old called 911 to report a break-in. >> however, when officers arrived, what they discovered was a dead body inside. and an investigation revealed a homicide had occurred. >> emmer, who neighbors say is autistic has been charged with a stabbing death of his father. neighbors say it happened while the suspect's mother and brother were away from their home monday night watching fireworks. those who live in the upscale great falls development are shocked. >> it's a very quiet neighborhood except for the 4th of july. >> a domestic worker who didn't want to be identified, said the family kept to themselves. they would frequently see one of the sons walking the family dog, but never expected any violence would occur in this house.
6:33 pm
>> i was really surprised. when he told me this morning, i was scared. because we wouldn't think something like this would happen in this neighborhood. >> casey emmer is being held without bond. >> this is the sixth homicide in the county so far this year. the third that's domestic related. in great falls, jane watrell, news 4. police are looking for suspects who stole from people during worship services in northern virginia. members of at least three churches in vienna had their purses or wallets snapped on sunday morning. one at the holy church of the comforter and one at vienna presbyterian church. all victims left their purses unattended inside unlocked rooms in the churches. >> for an individual to go into a church and prey on the person is sad. >> it lowers your faith in human beings. >> police aren't sure if the
6:34 pm
thefts are connected, and anyone with information should call the vienna police at 703-255-6396. whole foods is getting ready to put its first store in prince georges county, but some of the people who live in the area aren't too excited about it. according to the washington examiner newspaper, the gourmet grocer is planning to build the store in riverdale park along route 1. 36 acres of shops and residences along with a five acre park. that has some people worried about traffic. the only real access point is the already congested route 1. the store could open in the year 2014. there may be fewer people hitting the roads to get to the new mark center when it opens in alexandria in september. the defense department has told local and state officials that they will move only 2200 workers
6:35 pm
to the new complex in the fall. instead of the 6400 originally planned. the rest of those workers would be moved by the end of the year. city officials say that is still not enough time to build the roads necessary to handle the increase in commuters. they say they are still working to delay the move for up to a year. foggy metro riders may be suffering from sore legs tonight. hundreds of riders had to hike up a lot of steps and it created a big traffic jam. so many people were exiting the trains with nowhere to move. the tune inn on capitol hill has been serving customers for more than 60 years. now the customers are coming to the aid of the tune-in employees who are out of a job ever since a fire gutted the kitchen there last month. now, a fund-raiser is being
6:36 pm
scheduled for july 15th. >> the june 22nd fire in the kitchen knocked out the dark but warmly welcoming tune inn. the diner on pennsylvania avenue and 3rd street since 1947. everyone proudly calls it a dive. even the chief chef. >> we're a dive, but it's a laid back downhome bar and everybody can come after a hard day's work and come here and relax and enjoy yourself. >> did you say diner or dive? >> we're a dive, and very proud of it. >> james has been a regular 30 years. >> i live about a block and a half from here. i can crawl home from the tune in. >> i bet you have once or twice? >> yes, i have. it's a family. we've been around a long time. we know when the kids go to school, get married. vacations. >> the tune inn is down but not out. the fire means that roughly ten hourly workers are also without a paycheck, until it opens
6:37 pm
sometime in the early fall. neighbor and loyal customer dina iverson is helping promote the july 15th fund-raiser by the friends of the tune inn at the nearby american legion post just a few blocks away. >> they came together when they saw the fire, we were all upset about it, and concerned for the staff that wouldn't be working for approximately three months. >> this was the tune inn just days before the fire. 15-year bartender matthew manly appreciates the fund-raising to help him and other staff members. >> with the bar burning, that's money out of your pocket. how do you stay? >> it's tuf. i'm getting by. >> it's hard for these guys, isn't it? >> yes, that's why we're having the fund-raiser. on capitol hill, everyone sticks together. >> if you'd like to help, go to and search tune inn. coming up, might be some problems with the final launch
6:38 pm
problems with the final launch of the space shuttle "atlantis."
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i'm doug kammerer. right here in storm center 4, no storms to talk about. we're still talking about the heat that's out there right now. 90 degrees with the heat index coming in at 94. yes, still, very, very hot. 6:45 in the afternoon, we're going to stay on the warm side as we move through the night tonight as well. 74 degrees inside the d.c. metro area, 70 in warrenton. winchester at 69 degrees, leray at 66. mostly clear night tonight. tomorrow, the clouds build back, in and a good chance of scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms, not everyone is going to see them, if you see a thunderstorm, they could produce fairly heavy rain, i'm not expecting much in the way of severe weather tomorrow. that's good news. temperatures right around 91 degrees in the d.c. region down toward st. mary's. current temperature tomorrow looking at about 88 degrees. we'll see more of the same over the next couple days, i will have that four-day forecast for
6:42 pm
you one more time coming up. >> thank you, doug. >> some encouraging new numbers about colon cancer from the centers for disease control. the cdc says there were 60,000 fewer cases of colon cancer reported in 2007 compared to 2003. there were also 30,000 fewer colon cancer deaths in that same time frame. because more people are being screened for the disease. millions more still need to be screened. tests or colonoscopies are recommended for everyone over the age of 50. a man in pennsylvania made a rare discovery at a flea market. he stumbled on a rare item, an original copy of the declaration of independence. he took the copy along with the old wood frame it came in to the curator at independence hall in philadelphia. that's where another anastatic copy resides.
6:43 pm
he bought the one he had for $100. >> can you imagine finding that at a flea market? >> no, but it's one of those rare wonderful thingses that happens to people. it never happens to me. lindsay's out at the brand new tennis arena in southwest, where they're getting ready to play, right, lindsay? >> yes. i am. it's beautiful right by the water, it's very hot, there's a nice breeze coming through here. venus williams takes the court as the kastles open their season. also, why bryce harper says he was ready for his promotion to double a. and tiger woods takes his name out of another major
6:44 pm
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get care 1on1 and talk savings, safety, and side effects when you transfer or fill a new, ongoing prescription. i'm laura, and this is my cvs. it's all mine. got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful.
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>> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. the countdown is underway for nasa's last space shuttle launch. storms near cape canaveral could delayfully's launch. >> reporter: the countdown for the last launch of a nasa space shuttle began at 1:00 eastern tuesday. >> all of our preparations for launch countdown have been completed or are in work, and we're working no issues at this time. >> reporter: no issues for the four-man crew that will guide atlantis to the international space station. after arriving at the cape monday. the weather might present an issue. >> i wish i had better weather
6:47 pm
for you. >> reporter: nasa forecaster, kathy winters says there's a big chance atlantis won't be able to lift off within a 10 minute window starting at 11:25 friday. >> right now we are going with a 60% chance of weather due to the potential for showers and isolated thunderstorms in the area. >> reporter: however, the forecast improves if the launch is delayed to either saturday or sunday. which means as many as a million spectators need to plan accordingly. >> a lot. you know, friday morning kids are out of school. it's a great opportunity for folks to come watch the last launch. >> reporter: atlantis is the last of the shuttles to be retired. a poignant fact that's part of the payload the crew carries to the space station. >> i hope i paint nasa in the finest light, that we pull off the cleanest mission that is possible, we want to finish on the strongest note. >> reporter: and finish successfully with the 135th
6:48 pm
flight of the shuttle program. chris clackum, nbc news. lindsay decided today she wab wanted to see herself some tennis, she went down to the kastles new facility, where world team tennis will be underway soon? >> reporter: it's beautiful out here. it's hotter than two rats in a wool sock. it's so hot. people are so excited to be here, they have 2,600 folks who have come out to see the season opener tonight. it's completely soldout. the kastles as they open their season, they hope to become the team that can win their second championship within the last thigh year three years. venus williams is the main attraction. she's taking some practice rounds with her coach behind her. they play the kansas city explorers, the defending league champions this evening. venus williams most recently
6:49 pm
lost in the fourth round match at wimbledon venus feels like she has a little bit of something to prove. world team tennis is a big challenge for these pros that come in. it's really about having a lot of fun out here. the last time venus played in the states was the u.s. open in 2010. she says to be here tonight is very exciting. >> i feel good about my game, obviously, just me being here in general means i'm healthy enough to play, it's a huge plus for me. since wimbledon i've just been relaxing and enjoying life for the most part. now it's time to gear up and start playing again. this is how i started my summer for so many years in a row. it's good to be here. >> venus williams playing tonight for the washington castles. her sister serena arrives in town tomorrow. and she will be playing here on thursday night. from one superstar to another. nationals phenom says he's excited to have gotten that
6:50 pm
promotion. he was promoted to double a harrisburg. when he got up there, he made a big impression. he had two singles, a walk and a run scored. he was a star when he showed up. it was his first night there. he was signing autographs and he was excited to play his first game as a center. his first at-bat, singles to center for his first double a hit, a good way to start for the 18-year-old. he would score two batters later for his first run. he popped out in his second at-bat, his single to right in the bottom of the fifth, but did not score. harrisburg beat erie 8-1. bryce harper went 2 for 3 in his double a debut. >> coming from hagerstown, those last 20 games, i was really -- you know, really not too focused. i was -- wanted to get out of there, doing things i shouldn't have been doing. once i got here last night, baseball was fun again. it was a lot of fun being out
6:51 pm
here, in this kind of crowd, this type of atmosphere, that's what you live for. >> nationals say they want bryce harper to work on his base running, stealing. and some of his defense for the time being, they're going to play him in left field. the pace he's on is all part of the plan they've had with him from the beginning. moving now to the nationals, michelle obama will take part in the pregame festivities tonight. might be a little bit of an added incentive for the nationals to follow up their exciting performance they had last night against the kibs in which they won in extra innings. one key player fortunates last night, was lance knicks who ended the game playing first base. this was an interesting situation they had. knicks began the game at left field. at the plate, he provided with the nats with their first run. in the bottom of the first, he singled in roger. he had the success at the plate, in the top of the seventh, davey johnson was in a bind. he aggravated a knee injury.
6:52 pm
michael morris was unavailable. johnson moved him to first, we played the final four innings. johnson said he's happy with how nick's handled the position change. >> when is the last time you played first? he said, i think high school. i said, you have a good memory, don't you? he looked like he still knew how to play. >> pretty wild, really. still trying to figure out how that worked out. it was fun. and i'm glad davy put me in there, we'll go from there. it was cool, though. >> you had to have a pick right off the bat. >> that's how the game is, it's going to happen. >> lance knicks the outfielder. you can see him at first base tonight. tiger woods' disappointing season continues. today he announced he will not be playing in the 2011 british open because his leg injury has not healed enough for him to be able to go out there and play the way he needs to. tiger woods last was on the golf course in competition.
6:53 pm
the thursday of the player's championship. that's when he pulled himself from competition after nine holes. tiger said in hindsight he should not have competed at the players, but it's a big event. he wanted to be there to support the tour. tiger also added, he thinks the best years are ahead of him. he said "unfortunately, i've been advised that i should not play in the british open. as i've stated at the at&t national, i'm only going to come back when i'm 100%. i don't want to risk injury. i want to express my regrets to the british open fans." tiger woods says he's listening to his doctors for a change. something that he's admitted he would not have done earlier in his career. that's why he's trying to mend his injuries the way he needs to, so he doesn't go through another aggravated anywhere later on. back out here at castle stadium. venus williams taking the court tonight it's going to be an exciting evening down here at the wharf.
6:54 pm
>> what time do they start playing? >> 7:00. but they're coming in, i think it's all that traffic getting down here. it certainly is beautiful. it's hot, people are coming in, they're still milling around, they have a lot of different stations set up, food, drinks, that people can pick up. i think folks are just starting to make their way to the seats. >> it's a beautiful facility. >> thank you, lindsay. monkeys take over a photo shoot coming up. honey, why aren't you playing with your friends?
6:55 pm
i am playing with my friends. hey, mrs. d... joseph? sarah! it's mommy's turn now. let's go. [ male announcer ] the average home has over four internet-connected devices. we were gonna storm the castle. i love your hair. [ sarah ] thanks i went to your guy. it's perfect. i thought we were storming the castle. [ male announcer ] that's why you need the internet rated #1 for supporting multiple users and devices simultaneously. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-tty/v. [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card...
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6:57 pm
a lot of people took the metro home from last night's fireworks display. only a few of them were entertained by a special show on the ride home. this group of guys calls themselves the metro party boys over the past couple days. a number of videos have popped up on youtube showing their a adventures on metro trains. this most recent post shows them dancing on the green line last night. his friends wanted to make the ride fun for everybody. >> it looks like a good time had
6:58 pm
by all, doesn't it? >> yes 37. coming up tonight at 11:00, a local mother indicted on felony charges after leaving her toddler in a hot van. police now say it wasn't the first time that's happened. a violent fourth of july in the town where the jersey shore is filmed. more than 60 people arrested there. meet the beauty queen who lost 110 pounds and is now going to try to be miss america. one more check on our weather, doug? >> it's going to stay hot out there. that's the case over the next couple days. temperatures at or above average. we'll be above 90 wednesday, thursday and friday. if that occurs, it will be the first eight days of july at or above the 90 degree mark. i do think by saturday we'll stay in the upper 80s with no chance of rain. saturday's looking like a great day just in time for the
6:59 pm
weekend. as we move into the day on sunday. i think still nice on the dry side. with the temperature back to 90 degrees, it looks like monday into tuesday, we could move into not just the low 90s. but maybe the mid-90s. we'll have to continue to watch out for that. we have not been too hot after that really hot start just after memorial day. hopefully we can stay around 90. 90 degrees is not bad in july. we can take that. >> that's our story. let's just keep telling ourselves that. david slater is a wildlife photographer who is based in the united kingdom. recently he spent three days at a park in indonesia, following some crested back monkeys. one day he set his camera on a tripod and walked away for a minute. one of the monkeys commandeered the camera and began taking pictures. f

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